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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Comes A Time

Wasn't it Neil Young who wrote "Comes A Time"?

A song which remarks how "this old world keeps spinning round".

Well, there is something frightfully wrong with this country. Many have opinions on each issue of the day, but there is something worse that is unspoken. Some claim that the "Mainstream Media" are the cause or at least a part of the problem. But the real problems are ignored by the entire media.

So, it is about time that I started talking. Not without initial reluctance and fear. Yes, I said fear.

In elementary school, they taught back then about how some countries were corrupt because they didn't have a republic based upon democracy like we have along with a system of justice.

Sadly, our nation is besieged by a corrupt influence today that far surpasses the thievery of Ferdinand & Imelda Marcos of the Philippines. We have an organized criminal element controlling more facets of society than did the KGB in the former Soviet Union. We have a hypocrisy more disgusting than George Orwell's pigs.

And on an entirely different topic, we have vastly more attorneys per capita than every other nation in the world.


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