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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Agentes, et consentientes, pari poena puniendi.

Our tax dollars are hard at work trying to protect us from being preyed upon by corrupt organizations, also known as organized crime. But are there only some forms of organized crime which concern the Feds? Stated another way: Are there some types of people, or industries, against whom the Feds simply won't consider enforcing laws related to organized crime?

Let's check out their Website at
Here is an excerpt from their site as of 8/3/2006:

What We Do
  • Combat Terrorism

  • Foster Safe Communities

  • Prevent Youth Violence

  • Help Victims of Crime

  • Uphold Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

  • Apprehend Fugitives and Locate Missing Persons

  • Assist Americans with Disabilities

  • Promote Dispute Resolution

  • Halt Domestic Violence

  • Investigate Fraud

  • Manage Prisons and Inmates

  • Combat Trafficking in Persons

  • Fund Grants for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

  • Whatever.

    I mean, it looks like a list of Politically Correct topics to give Soccer Moms -N- Dads that warm cozy feeling. It would be nice if they had something to say about combating corruption within our system of justice. Do they do anything when they see an attorney lying in a Federal court? Do they ensure that an appropriate investigation is done, or at least referred, when suspicious evidence is brought before them? Or are they allowed to pick and choose which crimes concern them based upon the polls, focus groups, or some other relationships deemed significant to whichever government employee happens to be at the helm?

    Alright, we should acknowledge that the DOJ must be busy. Certainly, they have stood up against some large businesses. But does anyone really believe that the DOJ stands up against, or even investigates, large law firms?

    And on an entirely different topic, does anyone know:

  • How long does it take to qualify for a Federal pension?

  • What percentage of DOJ employees whose job includes the oversight, referral or enforcement against private practice attorneys and law firms eventually become employed by these same law firms after leaving the DOJ?

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